Saturday, August 24, 2013

Save the Drive-In!!

Please, please, support Clark 54 Drive-In! Honda is giving away five digital projectors to the drive in with the most votes. Vote for Clark 54!!!

Text 119 to 444999

Or vote at


Makin' a Comeback

Hehe, i just realized it's been around two months since I've last posted. Woops, sorry. I'm sure it doesn't matter to even one person, since I don't have much of an audience, any really. I decided I'l just go ahead and post all of my creations that I've been able to think up since. Very elementary stuff, though I find them quite amusing. Nothing special, just using my non-fancy paint system. Hey, it works for me. Anyways... Here they are. Please don't laugh (just kidding, do whatever you please).